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Whether you are a Manager, Team Lead or want to work as a Coach in an organization, results gets you noticed.

"Absolutely incredible course! I highly recommend it. I finished it and will now apply everything to myself first before I apply it to clients. But just WOW. Mind blowing. THANK YOU."- Udemy Student Review of Confidence Coach Certificate Program

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Coach Certifications that Empower You

Our training sets you up for success so that you can guide others to embrace their greatness.  Coaching becomes more than just a job when you have completed a Get Results Coach Academy Certification Program.  Coaching is a profession, a vocation that empowers you so that you can empower others.

Stress Management

StressManagement Coaching Certification


Motivation Coaching Certification

Diversity and Inclusion

Management Coaching Certification

Talent Management

Management Coaching Certification

Communication Skills

Management Coaching Certification


Management Coaching Certification

Conflict Management

Management Coaching Certification


Confidence Coaching Certification

Employee Performance

Management Coaching Certification

Employee Engagement

Management Coaching Certification

Soft Skills

Management Coaching Certification

Customer Service

Management Coaching Certification

Change Management

Management Coaching Certification

Get Results and Get Noticed

New to Coaching?

If you have never coached before, you may benefit from the foundation programs designed by our Director of Training and Curriculum Development Louise Anne Maurice and offered through Empowerment Coach Academy.

Associate Life Coaching Certification

Associate Life Coaching Certification ACELC Accreditation Program by Empowerment Coach Academy sets you above the competition!  This is where it begins. 

Professional Life Coaching Certification

Professional Life Coaching Certification PCELC Accreditation Program by Empowerment Coach Academy sets you above the competition!  This is where it continues. 

Are You Ready?

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