I have already gone through coach training and I am a practicing Coach.  I only want to be included in your Coach Directory.  I have heard that you provide free marketing and promotion giving the listed coaches a lot of exposure to potential clients.  How do I get listed in your coach directory?

We get this question often but each Coaching Directory is reserved for people who have completed a Get Results Coach Academy Management Coach Training Course on Udemy for that listing and have completed Level 2 Accreditation which verifies competency using our Proprietary Management Coaching session guides. 

For entry into one of our Coaching Directories, a Coach must go through the accreditation process and be verified for competency using our session guides.  

The $1791 U.S.D fees that are covered with the online programs are broken down as follows:

$995 U.S.D. Right of Use Fee:  This gives you permission to use our Proprietary Coaching Session Guides to coach clients.  This is not a licensing fee and you do not have permission to teach or train others to become coaches and use the session guides.

$199 U.S.D. Accreditation Fee: This is a one-time fee to review your completed hands-on coaching fieldwork which assesses your competency in using our Proprietary Coaching Session Guides.  

$99 U.S.D.  Certification Fee:  This is a one-time fee to create your individualized certificate of completion that displays your certification designation verifying your completion of accreditation.

$199 U.S.D. Coach Directory Fee:  This is a one-time fee to add your first and last name to your chosen coach directory.

$299 U.S.D Association Fee:  This is a one-time membership fee to keep your certification current and valid.

If interested, please join one of our Management Coaching Courses on Udemy and complete the Level 2 Fieldwork.  

If you are on a tight-budget, consider enrolling in one of our Accredited Management Coach Training Programs offered on Udemy and completing the Level 2 Accreditation Requirements.  

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